date: 1999
place: Hualien, Taiwan
material: marble, stone
size: 3.50 m x 2.50 m x 3.50 m
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visit by a female monk
former President LeeTeng Hui considering the outstanding qualities of Taiwanese cigarettes

My concept of creating the sculpture "Lightspace" for the Hualien International Sculpture Symposium Taiwan in 1999 should continue opening up the development of an active process in creating a union and finding intersection points between Art, Culture and the decisive Human factor.
Therefore I open up a space within the sculpture which is consistant of two parts.
A smooth rectangular white marble body with a linear soft opening invites people to interact with their experience of space, light and movement through entering physically the piece. The carved energylines inside are shiny and polished to indicate a Union between the universal parts of human spirit and their beeing on earth.

The darkgrey to black base stone with an opening for "Lightspace" to fit in, has a natural surface , like the crust of a block, irregular size, but proportional to the piece.

As for the location of the setting of " Lightspace " I suggest to coordinate with the help of a Feng-Shui Master and his Lo Pan compass the energyconjunctions , movement of planets and magnetic correlation with the chinese calendar in order to search for an understanding of a rythm in Universe, embracing us all.
"Lightspace" should reflect a harmony of Space,Time, Univers and Life.

Caroline Ramersdorfer 1999
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