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February 1, 2011

'Soul architecture' reflecting local heritage

Austrian sculptor Caroline Ramersdorfer, whose work was showcased at the Beijing Olympics, installed a marble and steel sculpture on Monday at the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden of the Creative Arts Guild.

Ramersdorfer’s work, titled "Inner View_ deeper" consists of five carved white marble sections perched on a polished stainless steel frame standing seven feet high by four feet wide by five feet deep. This is Ramersdorfer’s first marble work in the United States as a part of a permanent public art program.

“North Georgia has long been known for its marble and granite,” said Webb, founder of the sculpture garden, in advance of Monday's event. “I wanted to include a piece of carved marble among the sculptures to reflect our local heritage and to highlight the skill necessary to create a work of art from stone. I was struck by Caroline Ramersdorfer’s exquisite carving techniques and her ability to use her chosen medium to articulate her vision. It is an honor to include a sculpture by an artist of her considerable talent and stature in the garden.”

Ramersdorfer has called her work “soul architectures that reflect and provoke and approach into an inner world (where) transparency and openings allow light to be a significant part of their presence, making visible intermediate spaces.”

In 2006 she won the Golden Award at the Renaissance and Rising International City of Sculpture and Cultural Year in Zhengzhou, China, and the same year she received the merit award for the Beijing Olympic Sculpture where her sculpture “Seed of a Unified Spirit” has been permanently installed between the Bird’s Nest Stadium and the Water Cube since 2008.

“We are thrilled to have Caroline Ramersdorfer in Dalton to install her work,” said Terry Tomasello, the Creative Arts Guild’s executive director, before Monday's event.

“This is a beautiful work and everyone will be able to appreciate the painstaking process of carving the marble into such subtle and arresting forms,” said Tomasello. “This work is a wonderful addition to the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden, and Robert has committed to expanding the garden’s collection for the enjoyment of everyone in our area and all those who visit Dalton.”

“This artist’s work is in public spaces in Vienna, Beijing, Cairo, and now Dalton can say that her elegant and sophisticated work is a part of our local sculpture garden," she said. "That’s certainly a cause for celebration.”


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